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School Directory



Name Position E-mail
Dr. Vernon Lowery Principal
Bobby Dorman Assistant Principal
Gail Kennedy Assistant Principal
Stephanie Kelly  Assistant Principal
Denise Ewart-Purvis Administrative Intern

Academy Of Engineering Technology

 Name  Position  E-mail
Shanique Morgan  Director
 Dan Barfield  AOET
 Dora Barron  AOET

Academy of Health Science and Technology

Name Position E-mail
Shanique Morgan  Director
Kacheckia DeWitt AOHS

Collision Repair Technology Program

Name Position E-mail
Darrin Boyer Collision Repair Technology

Cultural Arts Education Department

Name Position E-mail
Jeremy Ross Marching Band Director
LeAnn Fludd Theater Arts
Namera Graybeal Visual Art
Jaquel Bailey  Dance
Devonia Netcliff Choral Director
Milton Williams Orchestra

Cafeteria Staff

Name Position E-mail
Ramona McKinnon Cafeteria Manager

Career and Technical Education Department

Name Position E-mail
Darrin Boyer CTE Collision Repair Technology Program
Annie Collins CTE Family and Consumer Sciences
Audia Frazer-Dacas CTE Family and Consumer Sciences
Lisa Wilkerson  CTE Family and Consumer Sciences
Michael Ferguson CTE Business
Sheila Hannibal CTE Facilitator
Briana Richardson CTE Business
Gary (Bret) Ross CTE Criminal Justice
Dr. Patricia Robinson CTE Business
Kelly Rosser CTE Criminal Justice
Talita Williams CTE Business

Clerical Staff

Name Position E-mail
Kathy Hall Guidance Registrar
Allison Johnson Attendance Clerk
Tracy Scott Office Manager
Willie Thomas Bookkeeper
Stacey Williams Data Manager

Custodial Staff

Name Position E-mail
Glenn Parker 2nd Shift Supervisor
Austin Clifton Custodian
Ronald Crudup Custodian (Head Custodian)
Ted Evans Custodian
Jurmaine Gray Custodian

Exceptional Children Department

Name Position E-mail
Precious Baldwin Teacher Assistant
Jaslynn Campbell Exceptional Children Teacher
Bernice Hamilton Teacher Assistant
Shirley Hockaday Exceptional Children Teacher
Selma McCoy Exceptional Children Teacher
Pamela McDonald McClain Teacher Assistant
Felicia McLean Exceptional Children Teacher
Keith Newsome Teacher Assistant
Maria Odero Exceptional Children Teacher
Ella Peoples Teacher Assistant
Vacant Teacher Assistant Vacant
Vacant Exceptional Children Teacher Vacant
Shirley Spellman Teacher Assistant
Vacant  vacant  vacant 
Vacant  Teacher Assistant Vacant 

English Department

Name Positions E-mail
Achclederia Moore  English
Vacant English Vacant 
Jennifer Hershberger English
George Chapin  English
Pamela Pompey English
Reginald Simon English
Atonga Wall English

Foreign Language Department

Name Position E-mail
Cheisnarie Santiago  Spanish  
Maira Rojas ESL
Teresa Quinones Spanish
Meisi Dong Chinese
Dan Li Chinese

Guidance Department

Name Position E-mail
Darryl Bessant 9th Grade Counselor
Neill Parsons  10th Grade Counselor
Redrick Jones 11th Grade Counselor
Dr. Tanya Sandidge 12th Grade Counselor
Sophia Hilliard-Durham AIG Counselor
Kathy Hall Registrar
Sheila Campbell Social Worker
Stacey Williams Data Manager

Mathematics Department

Name Position E-mail
Kimberly Bowden Mathematics
Kristy Washington Mathematics
Alicia Kirk Mathematics
Rhonda Mayo Mathematics
Vacant Mathematics Vacant
Alsaprina Pressley Mathematics
Authur Ward Mathematics

Media Center

Name Position E-mail
Natalie Park Media Coordinator
Carolyn McLeod Media Clerk

Physical Education Department

Name Position E-mail
Ernest King Health and PE
Brittany Savoy Health and PE
George Stackhouse Health and PE
Jaalin Stackhouse Health and PE
Vinston Thorpe Health and PE

ROTC Department (Army)

Name Position E-mail
Eli Ballard Senior Officer Cadre
La Monta Caldwell Senior Enlisted Cadre

Social Studies Department

Name Position E-mail
Teresa Hutchison Social Studies
Anne Longbottom Social Studies
Ricka McCoy Social Studies
Karen McLean Social Studies
Leslie Robinson Social Studies
Sean Williams  Social Studies
Daniel Smith Social Studies

Science Department

Name Position E-mail
Rashanda Hawkins Science
Kristle Rouse Science
Vacant Science Vacant

Support Personnel

Name Position E-mail
Paulette Price  Safe School Coordinator
Stanley Williams  In-School Suspension Teacher
Vacant Out of School Suspension Teacher (Chance Academy)  
Howard Lattimore CCS Military Family & Youth Liaison Phone: 910.678.2433
Brenda Minor Lead Success
Titus Gary  GradPoint Lab
Dana Smith School Psychologist
Kristle Rouse  Instructional Coach
Craig Williams Homebound Services Teacher
Regina Williams Military Student Transition Consultant (MSTC)
Published by Angel Hoggard on June 10, 2020