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Student Government Association

SGA Constitution

Article I

The name of this organization shall be the Student Congress of Westover High School, Fayetteville, North Carolina. The Student Congress shall be composed of a Student Council and a Student Forum.

Article II

The purpose of this organization shall be: (1) To foster a spirit of cooperation among students and faculty, (2) To promote and encourage activities for the best interest of the school, (3) To develop good citizens and leaders through experience in government, (4) To provide a means for student expression, (5) To encourage student involvement, and (6) To promote a sense of school pride and community involvement through initiatives designed to foster volunteerism and service.

Article III

Section 1 – All members of the Student Council have the certain powers guaranteed by the Constitution. (a) They have the right to recommend committees on the appropriate level. (b) Recommendations for anything of student concern in the building. (c) Student publicity (d) Application of the Constitution to the school during the year (e) Holding executive meetings and reporting them. (f) Administrations of elections (g) Constitutional proposals and changes (h) Fundraising (i) Cooperation with faculty or advisor to perform tasks not guaranteed in the Constitution

Section 2 – Members of the Student Council have guaranteed rights but can be overruled by the principal. The Principal has veto power to eliminate any proposition he/she feels isn’t beneficial to the school to include faculty, staff and /or students.

Section 3 – All members of the Student Forum have the certain powers guaranteed by the Constitution, specifically items A, B, C, D, H and I listed in Article III, Section 1.

Section 4 – Members of the Student Forum have guaranteed rights but can be overruled by the Student Council, advisor and/or principal.

Article IV

All members of the Student Council must maintain an acceptable conduct average in order to run for and to hold office. Also, student council members have a 77 academic average in all classes for the proceeding semester. Members may NEVER be placed in out of school suspension or expelled from school. They cannot have accumulated more than 3 days in-school suspension. Member will be 1st offense- placed on probation for a period of one quarter, 2nd offense – required to vacate their seat for the remainder of the year. If these rules are broken within the one-year election term, they will not be eligible for reelection or appointment for the next school year.

Article V

Section 1- Twenty-one members of the Student Council shall be elected for a term of one year by the student body of Westover, during a designated election week assigned by the principal or advisor of the Council. These include all class and student body officers. Candidates shall be allowed to campaign prior to voting. Voting shall be done through an Australian ballot. The election committee shall determine all details of the election.

Section 2 – All students are considered to have registered to vote for the Student Council. Their registration is valid for the period they are a student at Westover High School. Student Body Officers are to be elected by the entire Student Body. Class Officers are to be elected only by their corresponding class members.

Section 3 – Candidates for the election of a Student Body office preferably is a rising junior to run for secretary and treasurer and a rising senior to run for President and Vice President. Any candidate for Student Body President must have served at least one year on the WOHS Student Council and had been in attendance for 85% prior to elections. A candidate for the election of class officer may be any student in the class for which he or she is running. All candidates must have and maintain an acceptable conduct average in order to run for and hold office. (Please refer to Article IV for specific rules about eligibility.)

Section 4 – The Student Body President in consultation with and the approval of the advisor shall make Student Council appointments. The appropriate class president in consultation with and the approval of the advisor shall appoint class representatives.

Article VI

Section 1 – Membership The Student Council shall be made up of the officers of the student body, the officers of the senior, junior, sophomore and freshmen classes, two representatives from the senior, junior, and sophomore classes, and any presidential appointments.

Section 2- Officers The executive officers of this organization shall be a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Parliamentarian. a. Duties of the President – The President shall preside at all Student Congress and Student Council meetings, call special meetings when necessary, appoint all standing and special committees, be the chairman of the elections committee, represent the Congress on all occasions, and assume all other duties generally associated with this office. The President shall also have power of appointment of a parliamentarian and historian. b. Duties of the Vice President – The Vice President shall assume the duties of the president in case of his absence or disability. It shall also be the duty of the VP to prepare devotions for certain assemblies. The Vice President shall also serve as President of the Student Forum. They shall report all actions and recommendations of the Student Forum to the Student Council. c. Secretary – The Secretary shall keep a record of all meetings of the Council and provide a bulletin, published when necessary, to be posted in on the SGA bulletin board. The Secretary and Historian are responsible for updating and changing the SGA bulletin board on a monthly basis. At the close of the school year, the minutes shall be filed in the Student Council files. In addition, the Secretary shall carry on correspondence of the Student Council and shall keep a record of attendance. d. Duties of the Treasurer – The Treasurer will assist the advisor with all money, shall keep a record of expenditures and receipts, shall request a financial report from the school bookkeeper to report finances at each meeting of the Council.

Section 3 – Vacancies The Student Body president, with the approval of the council and advisor, shall be empowered to fill any Student Body vacancy. The appropriate class president, with the advice of his/her executive committee, and the approval of the advisor shall fill appropriate class vacancies. In case of the vacancy of the president, the vice-president becomes president.

Section 4 – Nominations and Elections The members of the Student Council shall be elected by an Australian ballot for a term of one year. The elections committee and the executive board shall determine all general details of the elections.

Section 5 – Committees a. The following standing committees shall be appointed each year when necessary by the Student Body president: Constitution, Elections, Human Relations, Publicity and Student Involvement. Membership in these committees is not limited to the Student Council. b. Special committees may be organized as necessary.

Article VII

Section 1 – The Student Forum shall consist of students enrolled at Westover High School. The Forum shall meet not less than once and not more than twice a month during school hours. They may meet more often after school.

Section 2 – the officers of the Student Forum shall be the President, who also serves as Student Body President

Section 3 – upon the vacancy of a representative the advisor will appoint a replacement

Article VIII

Section 1- The Student Council shall not have to meet every week. Instead, the Council will meet the first Tuesday of each month at the discretion of the President and advisor. The President with the approval of the advisor may call a special meeting. Section 2 – The Student Forum shall meet every week or meet as necessary at the discretion of the President and advisor.

Article IX

There shall be one or more faculty advisors selected by the principal.

Article X

A Quorum for the transaction of businesses shall consist of a simple majority of the Council and/or Forum.

Article XI

In all matters not specifically covered by this constitution, the parliamentary authority shall be Robert’s Rules of Order.

Article XII

An amendment to this Constitution of Westover High School shall be proposed by a 2/3 vote of the Student Council and shall be adopted by a 2/3 vote of the student body registered and participating on the day of the voting. Voters must be informed of the amendment prior to the day of voting. Any regulation passed by the Student Council concerning the Westover High School is subject to approval by the administration.

Published by Tessa Moore on January 9, 2019